Resources for Sports Analytics

Hi! I want to get started with sports analytics and win-probability modelling, primarily with basketball, and wanted to know resources for learning statistics for the same. I’m a final year undergraduate with a minor in mathematics, and am fairly comfortable with AP level probability and statistics, linear algebra , single variable calculus and multivariable calculus .

The ratings are my level of comfortability with the areas. I’ve also read some papers on the same, ), ), ) and ). I can read through some of the papers but barely understand the mathematical/statistical lingo in others. Would appreciate any help, thanks!


Collecting big data about physical activity of people / fitness / sport

I need to design a data architecture to classify phsyical activity level in different countries of the world. If it’s too difficult to have international data, also data about a certain country would be ok.

Do you know ways to obtain data about the frequency with whom people do sport / physical activity / fitness ? . It seems that fitness-related apps only allow you to obtain API key permission for YOUR sport data. Do you think is it possible to obtain overall geographically located fitness/sport/physical activity-related data?

In addition to this, do you know some good databases/datasets/repositories in this sense?

For example:

-**A dataset/DB** with columns like: *age, -gender, -city, -country, -answers to questions about sport activity*

-**API data** to request data about several people, their provenience and their avg daily steps etc.

-**A dataset/DB** with columns like *-city, -country, -age, -gender, -daily steps, -hours spent cycling* and so on.

It would be great to obtain dataset which update over time. Otherwise, in absence of them static databases would also be good.

If you know other ways to measure, through data, physical activity on certain territories, they would be well accepted.


Sending transcript

Hi, I am a freshmen admitted to UIUC in the class of 2026. I have one question regarding submitting transcripts.

I have to submit transcripts that show all academic records from years 9-12 by July 1st. I went to two different highschools, one in Korea and the other in South Africa .

I already sent the transcript from the school in South Africa and the university received it. However, I didn’t send the transcript from the school in Korea because I thought the university does not need the transcript from middle school. The deadline for submitting transcripts is the day after tomorrow, and it is very unlikely that the university receives it until the deadline even if I send the transcript now.

Will my acceptance get rescinded if I miss the deadline? I already sent an email to the university. I would really appreciate it if you can let me know how bad my situation is.


Ivey’s candidacy is also under consideration here, as the idea of constructing arguably the most explosive backcourt in the NBA is said to be intriguing for Rockets brass

The Rockets pick third in what many consider to be a three-player draft, making this a relatively easy choice on face value. Ivey’s candidacy is also under consideration here, as the idea of constructing arguably the most explosive backcourt in the NBA is said to be intriguing for Rockets brass. But it will be difficult to pass on what many consider to be the draft’s most skilled offensive player — a 6-10, shot-creating dynamo in Banchero who can carry a significant load with his ability to handle, pass and shoot. Banchero’s playmaking ability should pair well with the explosive transition scoring and shot-making ability offers. Banchero could start next to a more traditional big man ) or operate alongside another perimeter-oriented big man ), making Banchero a strong fit for the Rockets long-term

NBA opinions are mixed regarding the long-term future of . in Houston, after what’s been a roller-coaster ride of a short career thus far. Adding another steady-handed guard in the backcourt who can play with or without the ball, excels in pick-and-roll and is a strong perimeter shooter makes some sense here, especially since Washington has the size and length to play in many different lineup configurations.


2023-2024 Rockets (Playoff/Play-In Contenders?)

In my opinion, the 2023-2024 Rockets will show the true face of this rebuild and our young core.

If they are not a serious playoff/play-in contender by the 2023-2024 season, this will be a very long rebuild. I think they have to potential to be great, but one never knows in the landscape of the NBA…

Fo reference, the 2023-2024 Rockets will no longer be in control of their own pick.This means there is no use in purposefully tanking for a top pick, since were not guaranteed to keep that pick.

Also of note:

– Jalen Green will be entering his third season

– Paolo Banchero will be entering into their second season

– John Wall & Christian Wood will be off the books and open up 2 max slots

– The Rockets will most likely draft another lottery talent who will be a rookie

– The young “role players” core of this team will be in their 3rd/4th year respectively.

This means the team will have more NBA experience under their belt and that they should be competing for a play in spot at minimum in my opinion.

With the cap space available, we should be looking to sign veteran players to help compete, compliment and teach our young core what it means to be contenders.

With all of the assets & picks we have, there is no reason we shouldn’t be in a position to also trade for the next disgruntled superstar as well..

If we are not at this stage by 2023-2024, we are in for a very long rebuild, and one in which we do not control our own destiny.



Since we’ve got a fuck the thunder thread going, how about one for fuck the warriors?

I seriously hate those fans. I used to go back and forth about the worst fanbase in the league: okc, raptors, Lakers or warriors. Its definitely the warriors. Just a trashy delusional fanbase who thinks they’ve got the best player of all time in curry and an amazing young core for the future.

Here’s a newsflash: curry is the luckiest most insulated superstar in the league. Dudes played on stacked rosters and when his co star was injured, couldn’t carry his team to the playoffs. He’ll never be as talented as KD. Warriors were lucky they got to experience a true superstar before kd dipped.

And the young core? Overrated. Poole is good but they act like he’s the second coming of christ. Poole will never be as good as green.. Wiseman is hot garbage. Kuminga is not close to the player sengun is. Moody is trash.

Hope the warriors lose to the Celtics in the most embarrassing way. Just want draymond to shut his ugly fucking mouth. Fuck the warriors and they’re delusional fans.


Hot take

Coach Silas is what’s going to be holding our team back from playing well together as a team. We’ve seen a lot of our young guys get better. Frankly I believe that has nothing to do with Silas and all to do with Lucas because Silas has no history of developing guys. Don’t give me Lebron and Luka or Steph you’re talking about 3 generational talents that were always going to get better on their own. I’ve still yet to see any evidence at all that he’s a good head coach. No signs of good X’s and O’s. His defense sucks. His play calling sucks. His rotation aren’t horrible more so pathetic. Will he go back to his not playing Kj phase. Or maybe playing wood at the dumbass 5 where he gets bullied. Or maybe playing Sengun only 20 mins a night again. If this team can’t get over 32 wins this year please y’all stop supporting trash.


There are only a handful of stars in the NBA that Rockets fans would be excited to get and all of them are loyal

1. Giannis – loyal
2. Tatum – loyal
3. Luka – loyal
4. Ja – loyal
5. Jokic – Loyal
6. Trae – loyal
7. Embiid – injury prone
8. Mobley – Restricted
9. Booker – Can he carry?
10. Donovan – from the Jazz
11. KAT – Can he carry, game does not appeal.
12. Kawhi – Unlikely to leave his current situation again, injuries
13. Davis – most realistic, injury prone
14. Lillard – Yeah right

It looks like the Rockets are gonna have to do this thing through draft, but looks empty in that dept. outside of Wembanyama…then we do not have a pick in 24 after a free agency where we have cap for 2 max but no stars. Fill it up with role players and shooter and go Hawks 2016 Hawks mode? Hard team to GM, seriously hope the Rockets do not tank and trade for a star and pay him to attract fans.


Marjon Beauchamp at 17

This is guy that is usually mocked below our 17 pick in the 20s but we could very well reach and take him like we did with Christopher or his draft stock could rise. He already had a workout with us

He is 6’7 with a 7’1 wingspan and is pretty athletic. Won’t jump out of the gym but it very explosive. He has nice handles and can hit the open man, he can defend with energy and multiple positions, and can rebound and run the break.

The main reasons he isn’t a unanimous lottery pick is due being on the older side and a wonky 3 point shot. However, he is developing and I really trust our player development team to develop his shot looking at what they did with KMJ, Jaygup, and even Jalen Green’s massive improvement

He can profile as a decent enough of a shooter to get buy but can make his mark on defense and in transition while being a hustle guy. Exactly what we need as a wing

Bonus but he is also from Washington like KPJ and Banchero


Kevin Porter Jr’s stats post all star break: 19.5 PPG, 5.1 RPG, 6.4 APG, 2.7 TOV on 45/37/71 splits

He made a massive turnaround compared to the beginning of the season where he was super inefficient and was an absolute turnover machine. He has also improved tremendously on defense where he went from a liability last year to a great one this year who was frequently picking up the best players from 1-3 and also massively improved his 3 point shooting to where he’s shooting 38% from 3 on 7 attempts for the season compared to 31% last year

Jalen Green gets a lot of praise for his turnaround but I rarely see the same for KPJ. Just like Jalen, he is also in a difficult situation and while Jalen had his 30 point streak, KPJ put up 29/7/8 on 62% TS to close out the season once Wood and Gordon were benched. While he isn’t a perfect prospect, he has also shown tremendous improvement and is only 21 years old coming off his first full season. In terms of on the court production, him and Jalen can easily become one of the premier backcourts of the next generation and an electrifying one at that