2023-2024 Rockets (Playoff/Play-In Contenders?)

In my opinion, the 2023-2024 Rockets will show the true face of this rebuild and our young core.

If they are not a serious playoff/play-in contender by the 2023-2024 season, this will be a very long rebuild. I think they have to potential to be great, but one never knows in the landscape of the NBA…

Fo reference, the 2023-2024 Rockets will no longer be in control of their own pick.This means there is no use in purposefully tanking for a top pick, since were not guaranteed to keep that pick.

Also of note:

– Jalen Green will be entering his third season

– Paolo Banchero will be entering into their second season

– John Wall & Christian Wood will be off the books and open up 2 max slots

– The Rockets will most likely draft another lottery talent who will be a rookie

– The young “role players” core of this team will be in their 3rd/4th year respectively.

This means the team will have more NBA experience under their belt and that they should be competing for a play in spot at minimum in my opinion.

With the cap space available, we should be looking to sign veteran players to help compete, compliment and teach our young core what it means to be contenders.

With all of the assets & picks we have, there is no reason we shouldn’t be in a position to also trade for the next disgruntled superstar as well..

If we are not at this stage by 2023-2024, we are in for a very long rebuild, and one in which we do not control our own destiny.