Best city candidate for a new NBA team ? Give me your top 4.

Here’s my top 4

1. Seattle. No need to really explain here. Go Sonics !

2. Las Vegas. Great market and very profitable. Vegas just seems to be a very logical place to expense to. Look at the Golden Knights… it’s working.

3. Montreal. Very beautiful & interesting city, could create a great rivalry with the Raptors. The sports fans of this city are nuts and very obsessed with their team success . I’m sure it wouldn’t take long until the city adopt their new NBA team there. Also, they already have a big arena that they could share that is NBA ready for a basketball team .

4. Mexico City. The Mexico City metropolitan area is home to 21 million people. It’s the 19th-biggest city in the world. And it’s only a three-hour flight from Dallas! Beyond that, no professional league American teams call Mexico City home. Just a breath of fresh air for a new NBA team.

What about you guys ?