In your opinion, which of these events is most likely to happen next during next season?

1. The Lakers have a 56-26 season and finish as the #2 seed in the west. LeBron is the scoring leader for the season and Russell Westbrook is a stud who finishes on All-NBA 3rd Team. Unfortunately, the Lakers lose in the second round of the playoffs to the Pelicans.

2. The Warriors have a 44-38 season and barely make it out of the Play-in tournament. Steph Curry puts up numbers similar to his 2020-2021 season and is an MVP candidate. Andrew Wiggins is an All-Star again, along with Jonathan Kuminga and James Wiseman each becoming better this season too. But, with Klay Thompson and Draymond Green unable to stay healthy through most of the season, they lose in the first round of the playoffs to the Denver Nuggets.

3. The Nets finish 58-24 and as the #1 seed in the East. Kevin Durant has the best season of his career and wins MVP this season. Kyrie gets lucky and the vaccine mandate is abolished before the season starts and he plays in at least 60 games this season. Ben Simmons also finds a way to contribute and plays almost as good as his 2019 season. However, in a shock upset, the Nets lose in the first round to the #8 seeded Raptors, who barely made it out of the play-in tournament.

4. The Magic finish 43-39 on the season and make it out of the play-in as the #7 seed in the East. Paolo Banchero wins Rookie of the Year and is an All-Star this season. Jonathan Issac is on the all-defensive first team and Markelle Fultz wins the most improved player award. The Magic lose in the first round in six games to the 76ers.


Julius Randle’s treatment shows all the worst qualities of fandom and sports culture.

Just a year ago, Randle was on top of the NBA world. He’d won second team all NBA as a forward and propelled the KNICKS into the **first round of the playoffs as a top seed** playing with a group of young players and defense-first Thibs vets. He’d developed his playmaking game, his face-up game, his handle, his step-back shooting, and even his finesse- it was downright pretty to watch him. He was also clutch as hell. Julius Randle, the King of New York.

A year from then, what do we have? “dUbiUos HaNdLes.” ‘Trade him for a bag of rocks.’ ‘Scrub.’

What exactly changed? Let me break this down a bit:

-He led the NBA in minutes in the 2021 season, playing 37.6 minutes per game. The following season, he plays over 35.
-He plays for THIBS, a coach notorious for wearing all his players down.
-Even before his breakout season, the man spent the whole damn summer in the gym. There were articles praising him about it after his season and playoff run. The usual ‘first man in and last man out’ crap.
-He probably did the same thing the summer before this past season.

Julius Randle gave his all for this team. He made massive strides, going from a ‘meh and semi-ridiculed’ free agent signing to a bonafide superstar. He’s been maybe the NBA’s foremost Ironman during that stretch.

Now, he’s an afterthought and being dangled in poorly disguised trade talks to anyone that moves.

Yes, Randle had an awful playoffs this last year. And I bet the reason why is that he ran into a WALL, working his body into exhaustion for a bunch of ungrateful fans and media with the memory of a goldfish.

As a New Yorker, I hope he’s traded to the Thunder for pennies on the dollar, rested for a full season as he deserves while the young guys develop, and then wins an MVP- the way he almost did A SINGLE YEAR AGO.


Why not apply more pressure when signing RFAs?

Was wondering when the Pacers gave Ayton his offer sheet, and everyone and their mother knows the Suns will match, why not either try to get him for real, or punish the Suns for not maxing him themselves by putting incentives into the contract? can’t players make more with unlikely incentives? Could the Pacers have put a 15% incentive in there like “finish top 4 in the team standings” or “hit one more three than last year” which would be unlikely incentives which would still pay even if the Suns match? Could they even be really dick and include an incentive like “score 200 points in talking stick arena” as an incentive?

And no trade kicker on the offer sheet? Seems like the Pacers were doing the Suns a favor almost.


[Post Game Thread] The Portland Trail Blazers (3-1) defeat the Houston Rockets (2-2), 85 – 77 Behind 25 Points From Keon Johnson

| **85 – 77** |
|**Box Scores: & **|

| |
|**Location:** Thomas & Mack Center , **Clock:** |
|**Officials:** Blanca Burns, Maripier Malo and Cameron Garber|

|Portland Trail Blazers|14|22|27|22|85|
|Houston Rockets|28|13|13|23|77|

| |

|Portland Trail Blazers|85|27-68|39.7%|6-23|26.1%|25-35|71.4%|10|47|15|20|4|16|9|
|Houston Rockets|77|26-82|31.7%|7-38|18.4%|18-30|60.0%|18|44|18|27|14|8|8|

| |

** Portland Trail Blazers**|**MIN**|**PTS**|**FGM-A**|**3PM-A**|**FTM-A**|**ORB**|**DRB**|**REB**|**AST**|**STL**|**BLK**|**TO**|**PF**|**+/-**|
|Greg Brown III^SF|21:13|9|3-5|0-0|3-3|2|4|6|1|1|3|1|3|+2|
|Trendon Watford^PF|28:27|7|3-11|0-1|1-2|2|7|9|2|1|2|1|4|+2|
|Luka Garza^C|14:04|9|3-6|1-2|2-2|0|4|4|0|0|0|0|1|-1|
|Keon Johnson^SG|31:46|25|8-13|4-8|5-6|0|4|4|1|0|0|6|2|+9|
|Brandon Williams^PG|24:59|6|1-9|0-4|4-6|0|3|3|6|1|0|6|2|+4|
|Jabari Walker|23:56|9|3-5|1-1|2-2|2|7|9|2|0|1|0|2|+14|
|Kyle Alexander|15:01|7|2-3|0-0|3-3|2|1|3|1|1|1|0|3|+4|
|Colbey Ross|15:01|7|1-7|0-2|5-9|0|3|3|2|0|0|1|1|+4|
|Craig Randall II|17:19|6|3-9|0-5|0-2|2|3|5|0|0|1|0|2|+3|
|Didi Louzada|8:13|0|0-0|0-0|0-0|0|1|1|0|0|1|1|0|-1|
|Josh Gray|0:00|0|0-0|0-0|0-0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|
|George King|0:00|0|0-0|0-0|0-0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|
|Shaedon Sharpe|0:00|0|0-0|0-0|0-0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|
|Romello White|0:00|0|0-0|0-0|0-0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|
** Houston Rockets**|**MIN**|**PTS**|**FGM-A**|**3PM-A**|**FTM-A**|**ORB**|**DRB**|**REB**|**AST**|**STL**|**BLK**|**TO**|**PF**|**+/-**|
|Trhae Mitchell^SF|25:22|2|1-5|0-3|0-0|1|4|5|3|2|0|1|3|-14|
|Tari Eason^PF|29:04|17|7-19|0-2|3-4|6|1|7|1|3|2|0|5|-10|
|Jabari Smith Jr.^C|28:12|19|7-13|0-5|5-7|2|8|10|2|0|1|2|3|-2|
|TyTy Washington Jr.^SG|28:30|8|2-8|2-5|2-4|2|4|6|6|4|1|2|4|-1|
|Daishen Nix^PG|29:07|15|4-11|2-4|5-10|2|1|3|3|2|3|1|4|-1|
|Anthony Lamb|15:53|3|1-6|1-5|0-0|0|4|4|1|0|0|1|1|-3|
|Trevor Hudgins|22:25|3|1-10|1-8|0-0|1|1|2|2|2|0|1|4|0|
|Aric Holman|17:01|10|3-10|1-6|3-5|4|3|7|0|1|1|0|2|-5|
|Eron Gordon|4:25|0|0-0|0-0|0-0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|1|-4|
|Tamenang Choh|0:00|0|0-0|0-0|0-0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|
|Josh Christopher|0:00|0|0-0|0-0|0-0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|
|Usman Garuba|0:00|0|0-0|0-0|0-0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|0|

|^ ^by ^/u/f1uk3r|


[Opinion] picks are overrated. Minnesota’s risk for Gobert is not nearly as much an overpay as expected.

These picks are going to be in the 20-30 range. By the time the Wolves find out if their window is closed, they’re shopping KAT for a haul and building up around Ant in his prime. The only real issue here is if 1. Ant doesnt stay past ’27, and 2. If another trade target comes up in the next 3 years that the Wolves are missing on. The ladder is more likely, but the Wolves usage belongs to KAT and Ant all through these years w Gobert. Maybe they use picks to fill out wing depth instead, but I feel like their 3pt shooting and shot creation in their stars is by and large good enough to contend.

Gobert makes this team a great season team. The playoffs are the playoffs. The big ifs are will Ant become a plus wing defender, because DLo ain’t about to.

Tldr picks are overrated unless the team tanks faster than expected, re: the Nets if they dont win now after a Durant trade . I’d rather have a shot at the title than sit in mediocrity and what ifs.

Props to the Wolves for chasing it.


Jazz fan here. There is nothing more defeating than being a fan of a small market NBA team.

At what point do small market teams just have to accept the fact that they are a developing ground for larger markets? It’s just too damn hard to find and develop top talent without them leaving to a more glamorous market the first opportunity they get. As a Jazz fan I know I’m a bit jaded right now, but here’s the cycle small markets live in.

1. Tank and gather assets
2. Hope you draft a generational superstar
3. If you DO happen to draft a generational superstar, immediately surround them with the supporting cast they need to win a championship before the end of their 2nd contract.
4. Rinse and repeat for eternity while praying for a miracle

It’s defeating, It really is. I know there are examples of superstars who have stayed loyal, but those examples are few and far between.


Best city candidate for a new NBA team ? Give me your top 4.

Here’s my top 4

1. Seattle. No need to really explain here. Go Sonics !

2. Las Vegas. Great market and very profitable. Vegas just seems to be a very logical place to expense to. Look at the Golden Knights… it’s working.

3. Montreal. Very beautiful & interesting city, could create a great rivalry with the Raptors. The sports fans of this city are nuts and very obsessed with their team success . I’m sure it wouldn’t take long until the city adopt their new NBA team there. Also, they already have a big arena that they could share that is NBA ready for a basketball team .

4. Mexico City. The Mexico City metropolitan area is home to 21 million people. It’s the 19th-biggest city in the world. And it’s only a three-hour flight from Dallas! Beyond that, no professional league American teams call Mexico City home. Just a breath of fresh air for a new NBA team.

What about you guys ?


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Is Deandre Ayton on a good deal ?

I’m quite surprised the Suns matched Indiana’s offer sheet for Ayton but I guess they kinda had to since they couldn’t afford to lose him for nothing. That being said, do you think he is on a good deal ?

Suns can’t trade him till January and he has veto power for another 6 months after that which means he can only be used as a trade piece next year most likely.

For him to have value though he needs to take another step next year and I personally wouldn’t bet on that. This might make me sound like a hater but I kinda think Ayton is the type of guy who will start slacking now that he got his money. For Sun’s fans sake I hope he proves me wrong.

This is all assuming they dont get KD, if they do I doubt the Suns will care to trade him and/or if he takes another step.


[Katz] An interesting part of the Mitchell pursuit is that acquiring him doesn’t HAVE to mean the Knicks must join the elite right away. There’s a world where they get him & are set up to add in 2024, when Mitchell will be 27 & Barrett will be 24.

>An interesting part of the Mitchell pursuit is that acquiring him doesn’t HAVE to mean the Knicks must join the elite right away. There’s a world where they get him & are set up to add in 2024, when Mitchell will be 27 & Barrett will be 24.

Despite the 1st round of talks stalling between the Knicks and Jazz, I definitely believe the Knicks will be motivated enough to get this deal done.

What star players have expiring contracts in 2024?

Paskal Siakam, Sabonis, Middleton, Porzingis , G. Hayward, DeRozan, Jaylen Brown, Draymond Green.