[Edwards III] At the end of last season, Pistons staff recommended Saddiq Bey take time off, get a hobby outside of hoops. So, what does Saddiq do? He moves to the mountains of Colorado and picks up hiking to get in shape in the higher-altitude, more difficult training environment

> Pistons forward Saddiq Bey has needed to be physically pulled off of the hardwood at times. After his rookie season, which saw the former Villanova product earn All-Rookie honors, Bey spent a large part of his offseason playing with Team USA. From there, he participated in Detroit’s Summer League stint in Las Vegas. After that, Bey went on to play and start in all 82 games for the Pistons. In his free time, Bey brought his work home, or vice versa. He’d always end up at the team’s practice facility.

> Basketball. Basketball. More basketball.

> “It was recommended to me by the staff ,” Bey said with a smile at his end-of-season media availability.

> So, for the last two months, Bey has been hiking in the mountains of Boulder, Colorado, where he rented a three-story Airbnb.

> Yes, hiking.

> “I like being off the grid,” Bey told The Athletic last week. “It’s quiet. It’s peaceful.”

> Bey’s new pastime, though, is part of a bigger plan. He didn’t seek out hiking. That just comes with the environment he temporarily calls home. Bey also didn’t spin a globe, close his eyes and move to whichever state his finger landed on. It was all strategic and picked with basketball in mind. In that world, Colorado is known for its altitude. At higher elevations, breathing isn’t easy. Fatigues sets in quicker. If someone is in shape in Colorado, they’re in shape everywhere.

> Technically, yeah, Bey did find a new hobby. It’s just one that he hopes will enhance the hobby he loves most.


1992-93 – When Charles Barkley took on the world as the Wild Bull of Las Ramblas

As described in a 1992 article in Sports Illustrated, the
world’s eyes were on the US Men’s Basketball Team, and no one was more worthy of notice than Sir Charles. The ’round mound of rebound’ made Spain his playground, as he talked shit, elbowed players, took nocturnal strolls through the city, and grabbed as many headlines as he did rebounds, all the while leading the dream-team in points and efficiency

The man was widely regarded as the breakout star of that run, because while guys like Jordan, Johnson and Bird were already international superstars, Barkley was somewhat of an enigma up to that point.

**The reason why this is so interesting to me is, no one had a better year in 1992-93 that Charles Barkley. After dominating the Olympics, the dude was traded to the Suns, a team that he proceeded to lead to the best record in the league, winning a well-deserved MVP in the process.**

**It was his time, bookend it with a finals-win, and no one could say that Jordan was the better player that year. But alas, it was not to be. Barkley did his thing averaging 27/13/6, but MJ was ungodly, putting up 41/9/6 over 6 close games**

**Jordan was the undisputed best player in the league for almost a decade** , **and no one came closer to taking that title away from him, than Barkley did in 1993**


What are some random or unbelievable NBA stats that you know

Here are some interesting ones that I remember.

* **Michael Jordan has more Playoff games in his career scoring 50 points than under 20 points **

It’s crazy that Michael Jordan played a grand total of 179 playoff games and yet only managed to score under 20 points only 6 times, he is really scoring personified.

* **In game 5 of the 2019 first-round series between the Oklahoma City Thunder and Portland Trailblazers, Russell Westbrook missed more shots than the rest of his team combined **

I’m not one to hate on Westbrook but he took 31 shots going 11-31 from the field while the remaining members of the Thunder shot 36-55 from the field for 65%.

* **In the 2018 first-round series between the Cleveland Cavaliers and Indiana Pacers, non-LeBron James Cavaliers shot 61-193 from 3 or 31%. In the very next round against Toronto, they shot 43-94 or 46% from 3 before falling back to 29% from 3 in the ECF against Boston**.

Guess the entire 2018 Cavs woke up feeling dangerous against Toronto but forgot their shooting against literally every other opponent they faced during that run.


Is Luka Doncic HOF if he retires now?

* 3× NBA All-Star
* 3× All-NBA First Team
* NBA Rookie of the Year
* NBA All-Rookie First Team
* EuroLeague champion
* EuroLeague MVP
* EuroLeague Final Four MVP
* All-EuroLeague First Team
* 2× EuroLeague Rising Star
* EuroLeague 2010–20 All-Decade Team
* Euroscar Player of the Year
* 3× Liga ACB champion
* Liga ACB MVP
* All-Liga ACB First Team
* 2× ACB Best Young Player
* 3× ACB All-Young Players Team
* 2× Spanish King’s Cup winner
* 2× Trofeo Costa de Sol champion
* FIBA Intercontinental Cup champion
* EB Next Generation Tournament champion
* EB Next Generation Tournament MVP
* Slovenian Sportsman of the Year


Is Durant to Denver possible?

Randomly thought how I never actually saw Denver mentioned as Durant’s landing spot, even though it does make some sense. Denver’s title window is definitely open, and I think KD might be enough to pull them over.

I’m not sure how the exact trade would look, but something like Murray+MPJ for KD+Harris wouldn’t look bad for either team. MPJ looks overpaid but he still has potential and it might be worth taking for a team that won’t contend. There’s a rookie extension issue with Simmons/MPJ so there would likely need to be a third team , probably someone like Pacers/Spurs? I think that Murray + MPJ is probably the best package out there that doesn’t include picks in late 2020s. Nuggets would maybe need a PG , but otherwise get to surround Jokic with shooters and obviously KD. I guess their depth chart would look something like:

PG: Brown/Bones/Rivers/Smith

SG: Harris/KCP/Reed

SF: KD/Braun

PF: AG/Green

C: Jokic/Zeke/DAJ

This leaves one more roster spot open although depth-wise this team looks fine, the biggest issue is probably if Brown could run point, which could be somewhat addressed since there’s still few veteran PGs on the market . I won’t consider Brooklyn’s depth chart since there’s too many uncertainties, we don’t know what will happen with Kyrie, would Simmons or Porter be kept in this scenario…

How do you guys feel about this? Would Denver have to send Bones to BKN for them to accept? Would Harris be appropriate salary filler?


[Greg Luca] The San Antonio Spurs this morning unveiled their 2022-23 Nike NBA Classic edition uniforms to commemorate the team’s 50th anniversary season.

>The San Antonio Spurs this morning unveiled their 2022-23 Nike NBA Classic edition uniforms to commemorate the team’s 50th anniversary season.

>George Gervin showed off the historic look, which will be used for select home and road games this year.

I’m always a sucker for HWC nights! I kinda like the use of the alternate Nike logo as well for these jerseys. Nice to see the Iceman himself unveil these.


What is one schematic thing your coach does that you appreciate?

I don’t have nearly as much time as I used to to watch basketball and dive into the Xs and Os. If you love basketball, absolutely do not go to law school.

Because of said circumstance, I don’t get to keep up with the Xs and Os as much as I used to. I’ve watched a lot of Jazz in addition to the nationally televised games, so I have a decent sampler on what coaches in the league gravitate to in terms of playcalling. Yet, I still have a lot to learn.

That said, what is one schematic thing your coach does that you appreciate/you think makes the team better? Can be playcalls, rotations, timeouts – just whatever you think makes your coach stand out.


Would the NBA benefit from changing the rules for fouling out?

It’s a central dynamic of the game that we just take for granted. 6 fouls and you’re out, and by extension usually a player is taken out for the remainder of the quarter if they accumulate 2 fouls by the 1st quarter, 3 by the 2nd, 4 by the 3rd, or 5 by the early 4th.

But… **why?** Does this really make basketball games more exciting to watch? If we were starting over from scratch with deciding the rules of basketball, knowing everything we know about how games unfold at the highest level, would we really come to a rational decision that the 6 foul rule is a good idea?

If anything, more and more over the years it’s becoming apparent to me that foul-induced restrictions on playing time, especially for star players, frequently negatively impact, or in some cases outright ruin, the dynamic of a game while not really adding much of value. Big cost, almost no real benefit. I don’t want to see a game unduly influenced by a star getting his 4th foul early in the 3rd quarter, especially when at least one of those fouls is usually a questionable or ticky-tack foul, and especially when it’s in a crucial playoff game. I want to see both teams compete at full strength and may the best team win.

It does make sense to induce some kind of penalty for fouling, to prevent teams from fouling too much. The other rules around fouling arguably are already enough to enforce that without banning players from the game after 6, given how valuable free throws are by TS%. Once a team is in the penalty, they are already highly punished for fouling more, and this punishment stacks in the sense that a team is penalized more for getting into the penalty earlier in the quarter.

Maybe in some fringe cases excess fouling might still be a problem, but there are undoubtedly better solutions that just kicking a player out after 6 fouls. Maybe if they get X fouls within a Y minute time span they have to go to the bench for Z minutes, or something like that.

What new spin on the fouling rules would best keep fouling in check while not looming as a threat to ruin the dynamic of an otherwise entertaining and important game?


What adjective best describe each franchise?

It doesn’t have to be like a basketball related one either. Like to me the 76ers are the drippiest. I mean they’ve had AI, Dr. J, even Ben Simmons was looking to join the club until recent events.

Of course teams like the Grizzlies I can only see them for their basketball play. Despite the fact that it was Randolph, Conley, Tony Allen, these current Grizzlies seem to fit the mantle of gritty really well too.

If you have something better for those two, please do comment them. I just wanted to give a starting place.

I’m looking for all time, not just recently.

Team – adjective

76ers – Drippy

Blazers – Loyal

Bucks – Bipolar

Bulls –

Cavaliers –

Celtics –

Clippers –

Grizzlies – Gritty

Hawks –

Heat – Cultural

Hornets – Aimless

Jazz – Unfulfilled

Kings – Negative

Knicks – Delusional

Lakers – Royal

Magic –

Mavericks – International

Nets – Infamous

Nuggets –

Pacers – Lackluster

Pelicans –

Pistons – Girthy

Raptors – Tall

Rockets – Analytical

Spurs – Classy

Suns –

Supersonics – Dead

Thunder – Lanky

Timberwolves – Spooky

Warriors – Efficient

Wizards – Mediocre


If the Nets do run it back with the roster they have right now, are they favorites to win the East?

Despite Kevin Durant requesting a trade, the Nets have yet to receive an offer that they like, so right now KD is still on the Nets. Irving also picked up his player option and if Simmons likely to return, the Nets main core is in tact. Moreover, the Nets made some other improvements on their roster, mainly picking up both Royce O’Neale and T.J. Warren. Joe Harris will be returning from injury, and they also will have Seth Curry for hopefully the whole season. With this roster, the Nets have two superstar offensive players and a good defensive anchor with Simmons, while filling out the roster with shooters and versatile defenders. They also have Goran Dragic and Patty Mills to run second units effectively.

So with these improvements to the roster, and assuming if KD and Kyrie stay, should the Nets be favorites in the East?