Giannis vs Steph: multi-year prime vs prime comparison

They’ll probably go down as the 2 best players outside of LeBron of the last 10-15 years, so let’s compare them at their best

**2017-2018 to 2021-2022 Giannis** :

Regular Season: 27.3/11.1/5.5 on 62% TS , 9.0 BPM

Postseason: 28.1/12.4/5.4 on 58.4% TS, 9.2 BPM

**2014-2015 to 2020-2021 Steph Curry:**

Regular Season: 27.3/5/6.4 on 64.8% TS, 8.7 BPM

Postseason: 27.2/5.7/5.9 on 61.6 TS%, 7.5 BPM

Regular season is close, post season is pretty close too. By a hair of a margin in both categories, Giannis looks better to me.