Hot take

Coach Silas is what’s going to be holding our team back from playing well together as a team. We’ve seen a lot of our young guys get better. Frankly I believe that has nothing to do with Silas and all to do with Lucas because Silas has no history of developing guys. Don’t give me Lebron and Luka or Steph you’re talking about 3 generational talents that were always going to get better on their own. I’ve still yet to see any evidence at all that he’s a good head coach. No signs of good X’s and O’s. His defense sucks. His play calling sucks. His rotation aren’t horrible more so pathetic. Will he go back to his not playing Kj phase. Or maybe playing wood at the dumbass 5 where he gets bullied. Or maybe playing Sengun only 20 mins a night again. If this team can’t get over 32 wins this year please y’all stop supporting trash.