Is Deandre Ayton on a good deal ?

I’m quite surprised the Suns matched Indiana’s offer sheet for Ayton but I guess they kinda had to since they couldn’t afford to lose him for nothing. That being said, do you think he is on a good deal ?

Suns can’t trade him till January and he has veto power for another 6 months after that which means he can only be used as a trade piece next year most likely.

For him to have value though he needs to take another step next year and I personally wouldn’t bet on that. This might make me sound like a hater but I kinda think Ayton is the type of guy who will start slacking now that he got his money. For Sun’s fans sake I hope he proves me wrong.

This is all assuming they dont get KD, if they do I doubt the Suns will care to trade him and/or if he takes another step.