Jazz fan here. There is nothing more defeating than being a fan of a small market NBA team.

At what point do small market teams just have to accept the fact that they are a developing ground for larger markets? It’s just too damn hard to find and develop top talent without them leaving to a more glamorous market the first opportunity they get. As a Jazz fan I know I’m a bit jaded right now, but here’s the cycle small markets live in.

1. Tank and gather assets
2. Hope you draft a generational superstar
3. If you DO happen to draft a generational superstar, immediately surround them with the supporting cast they need to win a championship before the end of their 2nd contract.
4. Rinse and repeat for eternity while praying for a miracle

It’s defeating, It really is. I know there are examples of superstars who have stayed loyal, but those examples are few and far between.