KD and Kyrie are not going Anywhere. Nets are Stuck in Prisoner’s Dilemma

Prisoner’s Dilemma – 4 options. Nets can either: Keep Kyrie and trade KD. Keep KD and trade Kyrie. Trade both. Keep both. Nets know they can’t trade one and not the other. Therefore, Nets would have to trade both….but no packages are appealing.

Front Office knows a team built around Bridges-Ben-Ayton is NOT winning shit. And then if you had Russ to that mix, it’s even shittier! Pascal and picks anit gonna cut it either, especially when Russ is still the only option for Kyrie. If Jaylen Brown or Brandon Ingram or half the Warriors roster was an offer it’d be a done deal, especially with infinite picks. But teams aren’t mortgaging their future for a 34yr old KD.

The optimal choice for the Nets is to tell KD and Kyrie to QUIT BITCHING AND SHOW UP TO WORK and see this thing thru at least one more season with Kyrie. Then, make a decision on the future. Maybe Nets go to the finals, maybe they don’t. But the roster is far too talented with ammo for another contending acquisition to just quit and blow it up now.

– KD says he loves the game so much…..well show up for work and give it your all for 1 more season with your man’s Kyrie and see how it goes.

– Kyrie sits out most of the year and doesn’t care about the money but he is upset because Nets didn’t give him “his money.” Shut the fuck up Kyrie and show up for work and earn it

KD and Kyrie knew they were good enough to go to the Nets and win a ring at Kyrie’s “home”…..why are they quitting on themselves now?