Kevin Porter Jr’s stats post all star break: 19.5 PPG, 5.1 RPG, 6.4 APG, 2.7 TOV on 45/37/71 splits

He made a massive turnaround compared to the beginning of the season where he was super inefficient and was an absolute turnover machine. He has also improved tremendously on defense where he went from a liability last year to a great one this year who was frequently picking up the best players from 1-3 and also massively improved his 3 point shooting to where he’s shooting 38% from 3 on 7 attempts for the season compared to 31% last year

Jalen Green gets a lot of praise for his turnaround but I rarely see the same for KPJ. Just like Jalen, he is also in a difficult situation and while Jalen had his 30 point streak, KPJ put up 29/7/8 on 62% TS to close out the season once Wood and Gordon were benched. While he isn’t a perfect prospect, he has also shown tremendous improvement and is only 21 years old coming off his first full season. In terms of on the court production, him and Jalen can easily become one of the premier backcourts of the next generation and an electrifying one at that