Marjon Beauchamp at 17

This is guy that is usually mocked below our 17 pick in the 20s but we could very well reach and take him like we did with Christopher or his draft stock could rise. He already had a workout with us

He is 6’7 with a 7’1 wingspan and is pretty athletic. Won’t jump out of the gym but it very explosive. He has nice handles and can hit the open man, he can defend with energy and multiple positions, and can rebound and run the break.

The main reasons he isn’t a unanimous lottery pick is due being on the older side and a wonky 3 point shot. However, he is developing and I really trust our player development team to develop his shot looking at what they did with KMJ, Jaygup, and even Jalen Green’s massive improvement

He can profile as a decent enough of a shooter to get buy but can make his mark on defense and in transition while being a hustle guy. Exactly what we need as a wing

Bonus but he is also from Washington like KPJ and Banchero