NBA/ABA/WNBA All-Time Rosters

I wanted to share a big project of mine that I finished this off-season. I’ve created all-time rosters for every NBA, ABA, and WNBA team along with overall ratings for every player in each league’s history. Players were rated 1-100 using a formula that incorporates career Win Shares, VORP, BPM, MP/G and GP. They were then assigned to the team they accumulated the most win shares with. Players were assigned the position they played the most games at . The NBA rosters are 15-deep at each position, so you can basically divide each franchise up into A, B, and C teams. The ABA teams feature a lot less players, and the WNBA teams aren’t as well-defined by positions, so I created a 15-player roster on the right side that balances the amount of guards and forwards/centers. I hope you all enjoy looking at this as much as I have!