Nearing an End of an Era

I saw a Facebook post something about this. And I realized we are maybe 3-4 years away from ending another era of nba superstars.

**Oldest Active Former/Current Nba Superstars**

1.Carmelo Anthony – 38 yrs old

2. Lebron James – 37 yrs old

3. Cp3 – 36 yrs old

4. Steph Curry – 34 Yrs old

5. Kevin Durant – 33 yrs old

6. Paul George – 32 yrs old

7. James Harden – 32 yrs old

8. Kawhi Leonard – 31 yrs old

Melo, Lebron, and Cp3. I think will retire at age 40- 41.

Steph and KD’s game are not dependent on their athleticism. So maybe their shooting can lengthen their High Level Longevity.

PG, Harden, Kawhi. They are the 3 youngest here. But seems like they are regressing faster than their older peers.

Maybe we can enjoy 5 more years of them. Before Giannis/Jokic/Embiid/Luka /Tatum and other current young stars take over.

PS: Apologies, if I missed some names.