[Opinion] picks are overrated. Minnesota’s risk for Gobert is not nearly as much an overpay as expected.

These picks are going to be in the 20-30 range. By the time the Wolves find out if their window is closed, they’re shopping KAT for a haul and building up around Ant in his prime. The only real issue here is if 1. Ant doesnt stay past ’27, and 2. If another trade target comes up in the next 3 years that the Wolves are missing on. The ladder is more likely, but the Wolves usage belongs to KAT and Ant all through these years w Gobert. Maybe they use picks to fill out wing depth instead, but I feel like their 3pt shooting and shot creation in their stars is by and large good enough to contend.

Gobert makes this team a great season team. The playoffs are the playoffs. The big ifs are will Ant become a plus wing defender, because DLo ain’t about to.

Tldr picks are overrated unless the team tanks faster than expected, re: the Nets if they dont win now after a Durant trade . I’d rather have a shot at the title than sit in mediocrity and what ifs.

Props to the Wolves for chasing it.