Since we’ve got a fuck the thunder thread going, how about one for fuck the warriors?

I seriously hate those fans. I used to go back and forth about the worst fanbase in the league: okc, raptors, Lakers or warriors. Its definitely the warriors. Just a trashy delusional fanbase who thinks they’ve got the best player of all time in curry and an amazing young core for the future.

Here’s a newsflash: curry is the luckiest most insulated superstar in the league. Dudes played on stacked rosters and when his co star was injured, couldn’t carry his team to the playoffs. He’ll never be as talented as KD. Warriors were lucky they got to experience a true superstar before kd dipped.

And the young core? Overrated. Poole is good but they act like he’s the second coming of christ. Poole will never be as good as green.. Wiseman is hot garbage. Kuminga is not close to the player sengun is. Moody is trash.

Hope the warriors lose to the Celtics in the most embarrassing way. Just want draymond to shut his ugly fucking mouth. Fuck the warriors and they’re delusional fans.