The bizarre career of Chris Kaman

Chris Kaman played 12 years in the NBA and during that time did some very odd things.

Kaman holds the record for the most 20 point games without ever having a 30 point game at 97 games. This includes a year during which he averaged 19ppg and was an all star. His only all star appearance.

That all star year is also a weird anomaly. Kaman was a solid player for most of his career, his career averages before becoming an all star were 10/8/2 in 6 seasons with only one season above 15ppg. The year before he was an all star he averaged 12ppg and the year after he averaged 12ppg again.

Kaman never had a season in which he averaged more than 9 rebounds or 1.5 blocks. That is except for 2008 when he averaged 13 rebounds and 3 blocks a game while playing 56 games .

Kaman was also a weird guy in real life. Before playing a game against the Charlotte Bobcats, Kaman posted of him holding a dead cat. He also tweeted about seeing Blake Griffin smack Justin Bieber. It was picked up by numerous news cites but it was completely false.

Edit: Also Kaman played for the German national Olympic team despite not being German

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