There are only a handful of stars in the NBA that Rockets fans would be excited to get and all of them are loyal

1. Giannis – loyal
2. Tatum – loyal
3. Luka – loyal
4. Ja – loyal
5. Jokic – Loyal
6. Trae – loyal
7. Embiid – injury prone
8. Mobley – Restricted
9. Booker – Can he carry?
10. Donovan – from the Jazz
11. KAT – Can he carry, game does not appeal.
12. Kawhi – Unlikely to leave his current situation again, injuries
13. Davis – most realistic, injury prone
14. Lillard – Yeah right

It looks like the Rockets are gonna have to do this thing through draft, but looks empty in that dept. outside of Wembanyama…then we do not have a pick in 24 after a free agency where we have cap for 2 max but no stars. Fill it up with role players and shooter and go Hawks 2016 Hawks mode? Hard team to GM, seriously hope the Rockets do not tank and trade for a star and pay him to attract fans.