Weekly Friday Self-Promotion and Fan Art Thread

The **Self-Promotion Friday and Fan Art Thread** serves as a place for content creators to share their work with the community at . If you’d like to post your work below, there are some guidelines we kindly ask you to follow:

* No linking out to re-sellers/retailers and/or directly selling merchandise via any e-commerce/marketplace type of website . Any websites or blogs explicitly asking users for donations or monetary compensation via any sort of online or mobile payment services are prohibited.
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* Content *must* be relevant to the NBA or r/nba. Comments with content not relevant to the aforementioned will be removed.
* Be an active member of our community outside of self-promoting your own content. Comments from accounts with the same namesake as a brand or content being promoted will be removed.
* No spam. No spamming other users’ comments or spamming other users’ private messages.

Any comments failing to meet the guidelines outlined above will be removed and users may be subject to a ban. We’d also advice familiarizing yourself with .

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