What’s up with Collin Sexton?

Dude is 23years old and averaged 24pts 2020-2021 season and a career 38% 3pt shooter.

Why is he still floating out there unsigned? Why do teams not like him? He’s a bucket!

I understand Garland-Sexton isn’t the best backcourt but what about the other 29 teams? He should be off the market by now

Edit: Brunson is a similar guard and got 100M+. Even Dinwiddie got a 18M a year coming off injury. Why no love for a young Sexton?

Edit: Yes, Sexton is a RFA and cap space has dried up for all but Pacers and Spurs. But why are no teams offering anything in a S&T? Celtics got Brogdon for some prospects and a pick, Cavs would certainly take that

Edit. Terry Rozier and Sexton are nearly identical. 3 assist per game at a 38% 3pt clip. Both are 6’1. Both are former point guards, turned 2 guards. Why is Rozier on nearly 100M deal but Sexton has no market?

I get that he isn’t the best playmaker or defender and he’s small. But this is the of the few times I can recall an elite scorer not being in demand. He’s only 23, I’d think his market would be greater than the qualifying offer and/or prove it deals.