Giannis vs Steph: multi-year prime vs prime comparison

They’ll probably go down as the 2 best players outside of LeBron of the last 10-15 years, so let’s compare them at their best

**2017-2018 to 2021-2022 Giannis** :

Regular Season: 27.3/11.1/5.5 on 62% TS , 9.0 BPM

Postseason: 28.1/12.4/5.4 on 58.4% TS, 9.2 BPM

**2014-2015 to 2020-2021 Steph Curry:**

Regular Season: 27.3/5/6.4 on 64.8% TS, 8.7 BPM

Postseason: 27.2/5.7/5.9 on 61.6 TS%, 7.5 BPM

Regular season is close, post season is pretty close too. By a hair of a margin in both categories, Giannis looks better to me.



What’s up with Collin Sexton?

Dude is 23years old and averaged 24pts 2020-2021 season and a career 38% 3pt shooter.

Why is he still floating out there unsigned? Why do teams not like him? He’s a bucket!

I understand Garland-Sexton isn’t the best backcourt but what about the other 29 teams? He should be off the market by now

Edit: Brunson is a similar guard and got 100M+. Even Dinwiddie got a 18M a year coming off injury. Why no love for a young Sexton?

Edit: Yes, Sexton is a RFA and cap space has dried up for all but Pacers and Spurs. But why are no teams offering anything in a S&T? Celtics got Brogdon for some prospects and a pick, Cavs would certainly take that

Edit. Terry Rozier and Sexton are nearly identical. 3 assist per game at a 38% 3pt clip. Both are 6’1. Both are former point guards, turned 2 guards. Why is Rozier on nearly 100M deal but Sexton has no market?

I get that he isn’t the best playmaker or defender and he’s small. But this is the of the few times I can recall an elite scorer not being in demand. He’s only 23, I’d think his market would be greater than the qualifying offer and/or prove it deals.


The bizarre career of Chris Kaman

Chris Kaman played 12 years in the NBA and during that time did some very odd things.

Kaman holds the record for the most 20 point games without ever having a 30 point game at 97 games. This includes a year during which he averaged 19ppg and was an all star. His only all star appearance.

That all star year is also a weird anomaly. Kaman was a solid player for most of his career, his career averages before becoming an all star were 10/8/2 in 6 seasons with only one season above 15ppg. The year before he was an all star he averaged 12ppg and the year after he averaged 12ppg again.

Kaman never had a season in which he averaged more than 9 rebounds or 1.5 blocks. That is except for 2008 when he averaged 13 rebounds and 3 blocks a game while playing 56 games .

Kaman was also a weird guy in real life. Before playing a game against the Charlotte Bobcats, Kaman posted of him holding a dead cat. He also tweeted about seeing Blake Griffin smack Justin Bieber. It was picked up by numerous news cites but it was completely false.

Edit: Also Kaman played for the German national Olympic team despite not being German

Also this: />



Steph Curry could get 7 rings if they keep the young guys around and let Draymond and Klay progressively take a back seat

If the Warriors get greedy and try to grab at Durant, or some other superstar, or if they let the old hats get too many unproductive minutes, then Steph’s chances of 7 rings will drop dramatically.

This team is young enough and talented enough to grow and do a lot of heavy lifting while forming a strong core around the GOAT shooter *and* keep winning championships.

They won in 2022 .

2023 more mature without losing any pieces . Let Klay start but Dray is questionable IMO . Invest in Kuminga and look for Poole to be Klay’s replacement.

2024 will be the big test since the growth of the young bloods will surpass the effectiveness of the old guys . Unless drastic change in Draymond, I don’t think he should be a starter for sure. Klay likely a sixth man by now, surpassed by Poole.

2025 Steph may not be the best player on the team but he will qualify as a consistent option

**Don’t dump the young guys; develop them. Let Dray and Klay take the backseat progressively. Don’t take Durant or anyone else for a short-term championship.**


Nearing an End of an Era

I saw a Facebook post something about this. And I realized we are maybe 3-4 years away from ending another era of nba superstars.

**Oldest Active Former/Current Nba Superstars**

1.Carmelo Anthony – 38 yrs old

2. Lebron James – 37 yrs old

3. Cp3 – 36 yrs old

4. Steph Curry – 34 Yrs old

5. Kevin Durant – 33 yrs old

6. Paul George – 32 yrs old

7. James Harden – 32 yrs old

8. Kawhi Leonard – 31 yrs old

Melo, Lebron, and Cp3. I think will retire at age 40- 41.

Steph and KD’s game are not dependent on their athleticism. So maybe their shooting can lengthen their High Level Longevity.

PG, Harden, Kawhi. They are the 3 youngest here. But seems like they are regressing faster than their older peers.

Maybe we can enjoy 5 more years of them. Before Giannis/Jokic/Embiid/Luka /Tatum and other current young stars take over.

PS: Apologies, if I missed some names.


Suns letting Ayton go will be the best decision they make over the next decade

This is going to piss people off but hear me out… sure, Ayton is a border line all-star. He’s averaging 16/10 and every team would love to have him. But how many teams would love to have him at $30mm+ a year when they can spend that money on a legitimate wing all nba type player? We’re seeing it right now. There isn’t a single team in the NBA willing to sign the guy to a max. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Pacers don’t end up offering a max deal. Ayton is a good player but is unfortunately stuck in an NBA that doesn’t need centers like him anymore especially at a max level contract. The suns letting him go might end up being the smartest move they could possibly make even though it will hurt as a Suns fan.


There are 2 NBA teams that play in a smaller market than their G League affiliate

Using , the Pelicans and Magic are the only two teams that play in a smaller market than their G League affiliate:

|NBA Team|NBA Market Size|G League Affiliate|G League Market Size|Difference|
|Orlando Magic|1,731,360|Lakeland Magic|2,035,250|-303,890|
|New Orleans Pelicans|663,520|Birmingham Squadron|730,440|-66,920|

The following teams have their G League affiliate in the same market:

Atlanta Hawks, Brooklyn Nets, Chicago Bulls, Cleveland Cavaliers, Dallas Mavericks, Detroit Pistons, Los Angeles Clippers, Los Angeles Lakers, Memphis Grizzlies, New York Knicks, Oklahoma City Thunder, Philadelphia 76ers, Sacramento Kings, Toronto Raptors, Utah Jazz, Washington Wizards

These teams play in a market larger than their G League affiliate:

|NBA Team|NBA Market Size|G League Affiliate|G League Market Size|Difference|
|Golden State Warriors|2,653,270|Santa Cruz Warriors|234,150|2,419,120|
|Houston Rockets|2,569,900|Rio Grande Valley Vipers|380,530|2,189,370|
|Boston Celtics|2,489,620|Maine Celtics|409,560|2,080,060|
|Minnesota Timberwolves|1,887,390|Iowa Wolves|457,040|1,430,350|
|Miami Heat|1,693,450|Sioux Falls Skyforce|277,210|1,416,240|
|Denver Nuggets|1,798,440|Grand Rapids Gold|781,080|1,017,360|
|Indiana Pacers|1,182,500|Fort Wayne Mad Ants|273,680|908,820|
|Charlotte Hornets|1,290,660|Greensboro Swarm|717,110|573,550|
|Milwaukee Bucks|921,920|Wisconsin Herd|455,560|466,360|
|San Antonio Spurs|1,031,180|Austin Spurs|912,400|118,780|

Finally, the Phoenix Suns and Portland Trailblazers don’t have a G League affiliate.


Of the past 25 Rookie of the Year winners, only 4 (Duncan, LeBron, CP and KD) went on to become definitively the best player in their draft class

As a newer Rockets fan, I’ve only recently started paying attention to the NBA draft, and the success rate of young players interested me. When Jalen Green got no Rookie of the Year buzz, I did a brief deep dive on the award to see how well it predicts future success: while ROYs usually don’t end up sucking, they typically do not end up as the best player in their class.

To look into ROY, I separated past ROYs into four categories: best career in their class ; career surpassed by another player in their class ; career comparable to other players in their class ; and to be determined . In the past 25 years*, it has been more common for ROYs to be surpassed by another player in their draft class than it has been for them to finish atop their class . Moreover, it is more common for another player to definitively surpass the ROY than it is for the ROY to have an debatable case for best career . And while some recent ROYs may seem like locks to buck the trend , there are plenty of live cases where the not-best trend looks like it will continue . It is worth mentioning that injuries played a not insignificant role .

** I excluded Scottie Barnes since we don’t even have a second season for the most recent ROY.*

**TL;DR: Rookie of the Year winners generally do not go on to have the undisputed best career in their class. Another player from their class generally surpasses their career.**

Here are the ROYs in their 4 categories, according to me:

**Best:** these ROYs were indisputably the best players from their draft class

1. Tim Duncan // Also relevant: TMac, Chauncey Billups
2. LeBron James // Also relevant: DWade, Milicic, Melo, Bosh
3. Chris Paul // Also relevant: DWill
4. Kevin Durant // Also relevant: Al Horford, Mike Conley, Marc Gasol

**Not-Best:** these ROYs were indisputably surpassed by another player from their draft class*

1. Allen Iverson // Surpassed by Kobe Bryant
2. Vince Carter // Surpassed by Dirk Nowitzki
3. Emeka Okafor // Surpassed by Dwight Howard
4. Brandon Roy // Surpassed by LaMarcus Aldridge and/or Kyle Lowry
5. Derrick Rose // Surpassed by Russell Westbrook
6. Tyreke Evans // Surpassed by Steph Curry
7. Kyrie Irving // Surpassed by Kawhi Leonard
8. Michael Carter-Williams // Surpassed by Giannis
9. Andrew Wiggins // Surpassed by Nikola Jokic and/or Joel Embiid
10. Malcolm Brogdan // Surpassed by Domantas Sabonias and/or Pascal Siakam

** This list does not include* ***every*** *player from the draft class that has had a superior career.*

**Debatable**: these ROYs have careers that at least rival other players from their draft class

1. Steve Francis/Elton Brand // Other candidates: Shawn Marion, Manu Ginobili
2. Mike Miller // Other candidates: Hedo Turkoglu, Jamal Crawford
3. Pau Gasol // Other candidates: Tony Parker
4. Amar’e Stoudemire // Other candidates: Yao Ming, Carlos Boozer
5. Blake Griffin // Other candidates: John Wall, Paul George, Gordon Hayward

**TBD**: these ROYs still have too much left to have a definitive answer yet, even if some of the answers seem obvious right now

1. Damian Lillard // Other candidates: Anthony Davis, Khris Middleton
2. Karl-Anthony Towns // Other candidates: Devin Booker
3. Ben Simmons // Other candidates: Jayson Tatum, Donovan Mitchell
4. Luka Doncic // Other candidates: Trae Young
5. Ja Morant // Other candidates: Zion Williamson
6. LaMelo Ball // Other candidates: Anthony Edwards


Guest Referee: WWE Style

As some of you may have heard, Richard Jefferson is going to be a ‘guest’ officials in a summer league game.

Not a big deal.

But what if the league started assigning former players to officiate playoff games, WWE style.

You know, like Nets get knocked out of the first round by the Celtics, and KD comes back to officiate game one of the NBA finals, where Celtics and Warriors meet up.

Maybe, in 1989, Larry Bird gets called up to officiate the Piston vs. Lakers? Or Jordan gets to officiate Pistons vs. Portland in 1990.

What would be your ideal trolling guest official for a big playoff match-up, real or imagined.


Kyrie and KD will both be Nets for the 2022-2023 season

I just don’t see a universe in where these trades actually come to fruition and the fact that the media is calling the Kyrie/Russ trade a sure thing makes me feel like I’m on crazy pills.

There is no way the Nets trade for Russ with KD still on the roster meaning they will need to offload Durant before or as apart of the Kyrie/Russ trade. By that logic Kyrie won’t be a Laker unless Durant can get traded. KD is requesting trades to contenders but what the Nets want for him would gut those contenders making a KD trade difficult and that’s not even considering the issue with Ben Simmons’ rookie contract restricting who they can trade for. No one wants Ben Simmons so it’s not even simple as trading Ben Simmons away.

Let’s hop into fantasy land and say the Nets do trade KD for an all star player + 4 first round picks and that allows them to swap Kyrie for Russ plus another first. Does anyone actually think the Nets will offload Kyrie and KD onto two Finals contending teams after the way they treated this franchise and what the Nets get back in return is a roster led by Ben Simmons and Russell Westbrook? Two ball dominant point guards that have little to no outside scoring and are both borderline untradeable?

TL;DR: Nets won’t trade for Russ with KD on roster, even if they could trade KD, having a team led by Russ and Ben Simmons makes little/no basketball sense