Collecting big data about physical activity of people / fitness / sport

I need to design a data architecture to classify phsyical activity level in different countries of the world. If it’s too difficult to have international data, also data about a certain country would be ok.

Do you know ways to obtain data about the frequency with whom people do sport / physical activity / fitness ? . It seems that fitness-related apps only allow you to obtain API key permission for YOUR sport data. Do you think is it possible to obtain overall geographically located fitness/sport/physical activity-related data?

In addition to this, do you know some good databases/datasets/repositories in this sense?

For example:

-**A dataset/DB** with columns like: *age, -gender, -city, -country, -answers to questions about sport activity*

-**API data** to request data about several people, their provenience and their avg daily steps etc.

-**A dataset/DB** with columns like *-city, -country, -age, -gender, -daily steps, -hours spent cycling* and so on.

It would be great to obtain dataset which update over time. Otherwise, in absence of them static databases would also be good.

If you know other ways to measure, through data, physical activity on certain territories, they would be well accepted.