Comparing the Careers of Donovan Mitchell and Carmelo Anthony

Just for fun, I wanted to see how the careers of Mitchell and Melo compared at the time of trade to the Knicks :

Carmelo- Age 27 season

Mitchell- Age 26 season

Carmelo- 3 all stars

Mitchell- 3 all stars

Carmelo- 4 all NBA teams

Mitchell- 0 all NBA teams

Carmelo- 1 conference finals appearance

Mitchell- 0 conference finals appearances

Carmelo- 2 playoff series wins

Mitchell- 2 playoff series wins

Carmelo- 24.8/6/3.1 career average on 45.9/31/80 splits

Mitchell- 23.9/4/4.5 career average on 44/36/83 splits

Carmelo- 24/7/3 playoff average on 42/34/82 splits, 16-30 record in playoffs

Mitchell- 28/4.9/4.7 playoff average on 42/37/86.5 splits, 17-22 record in playoffs

Different eras, different positions, Mitchell with much better playoff splits , but still.