Kyrie and KD will both be Nets for the 2022-2023 season

I just don’t see a universe in where these trades actually come to fruition and the fact that the media is calling the Kyrie/Russ trade a sure thing makes me feel like I’m on crazy pills.

There is no way the Nets trade for Russ with KD still on the roster meaning they will need to offload Durant before or as apart of the Kyrie/Russ trade. By that logic Kyrie won’t be a Laker unless Durant can get traded. KD is requesting trades to contenders but what the Nets want for him would gut those contenders making a KD trade difficult and that’s not even considering the issue with Ben Simmons’ rookie contract restricting who they can trade for. No one wants Ben Simmons so it’s not even simple as trading Ben Simmons away.

Let’s hop into fantasy land and say the Nets do trade KD for an all star player + 4 first round picks and that allows them to swap Kyrie for Russ plus another first. Does anyone actually think the Nets will offload Kyrie and KD onto two Finals contending teams after the way they treated this franchise and what the Nets get back in return is a roster led by Ben Simmons and Russell Westbrook? Two ball dominant point guards that have little to no outside scoring and are both borderline untradeable?

TL;DR: Nets won’t trade for Russ with KD on roster, even if they could trade KD, having a team led by Russ and Ben Simmons makes little/no basketball sense