Steph Curry could get 7 rings if they keep the young guys around and let Draymond and Klay progressively take a back seat

If the Warriors get greedy and try to grab at Durant, or some other superstar, or if they let the old hats get too many unproductive minutes, then Steph’s chances of 7 rings will drop dramatically.

This team is young enough and talented enough to grow and do a lot of heavy lifting while forming a strong core around the GOAT shooter *and* keep winning championships.

They won in 2022 .

2023 more mature without losing any pieces . Let Klay start but Dray is questionable IMO . Invest in Kuminga and look for Poole to be Klay’s replacement.

2024 will be the big test since the growth of the young bloods will surpass the effectiveness of the old guys . Unless drastic change in Draymond, I don’t think he should be a starter for sure. Klay likely a sixth man by now, surpassed by Poole.

2025 Steph may not be the best player on the team but he will qualify as a consistent option

**Don’t dump the young guys; develop them. Let Dray and Klay take the backseat progressively. Don’t take Durant or anyone else for a short-term championship.**