What team would be interested in trading for Andrew Wiggins ?

I’m trying to figure out how a KD to the Warriors trade would work and since Wiggins can’t be on the Nets with Simmons and I dont think Brooklyn would trade Simmons since his value is so low right now.

This is how my trade looks so far:

Golden State gets : Kevin Durant

Nets get : Jordan Poole , Moody and/or Wiseman, ~~2025~~, 2027 and 2029 picks from GS + Wiggins value.

What team would give up a good player/s + a pick to get Wiggins who only has one year left on his deal ?

Portland makes sense basketball wise but they’d have to give up a lot of their depth.

Indiana can do it if they give up Heild + pick but it doesn’t make much sense for them.

Sacramento is another one but idk how much of an upgrade Wiggins is over Barnes so it might not be worth it.

Other teams I thought about were the Clippers since they love wings and have a lot of tradeable contracts and Philly if they think Wiggins is better than Harris but I dont think those would happen