Who were some players that you were surprised they made it to NBA?

Like, every single player that made it to NBA, G-League, Euroleague, D1 colleges etc dedicated their youth to the game of basketball and every single name which will be mentioned in this thread will whoop an average r/nba nephew’s ass on one leg, so i’m definitely not disrespecting anyone.

Deandre Jordan still getting a contract after a disastrous season got me thinkin, like what players that made it all the way through NBA looked this bad on the court? Like are there any NBA players you played ball with/watched them play and you just said “nah this guy aint it”?

the worst nba player i watched on tv was renaldo balkman. he was stinkin so bad like it was embarrasing. also played pickup game with a pro baller who played in euroleague and he was, like normal? i expected him to drop half court threes n shit and he just didnt stand out. all love tho he was a very nice guy